#searing saturday

pain monster attacked with a vengeance today, searing throbbing and gnawing ache over whole body stiff back, shoulders and neck and lower back especially.level 10 pain , level 10 fatigue.bed bound until 1:30 PM, clearer head and not as much fog bearing down on senses today, emotional state and mood level is still good, trying to stay positive in spirit despite the the ails of the body…


dedicated to my sister and all the girls and young woman who dream big

little girl why do you look so sad

19 pages in, your story has just began

life is just beginning, twists and turns are up ahead

hold the pen to write your pages

epic novel remains to be had

count your blessings, remain grateful

your story depends on you

glad tidings, joyful smilings

keep the lyrics melodic and in tune

so look inside to find the message to this vision of your youth

for your beginning tells your ending

in your moment of truth

#nick cannon Ncrediblehealth hustle

i found this quote watching the mini documentary of Nick Cannon in his battle with chronic health conditions and it really struck a cord with me. watch his series here

We need you to be our voice and your own,You are still trying to live as if nothing is wrong and your body has no limits, but it does and soon you will have to know that’s ok,

We can never go back to where we were,only look forward to where we are going