#bad day

Today is just not a good day for me. I bowed out to the chiropractor since I didn’t want to miss another appointment. I don’t feel like smiling today, Im sick of smiling for other people to make them feel better, they say oh just smile it will be ok. How do you know that I will be ok? I have been a wreck for over six weeks, I am tired of painting a facade, grinning and bearing it. I don’t feel like smiling today

I am so tired of this ish, tired of the pain, tired of the ache, tired of the fatigue… my body is in constant tumult, nerves flaring, insidious gnawing, pain, fire inflamed raging within my bones…… I am just tired. Sick and tired. I have been in bed for 3 straight days this week… I am tired of being in bed, tired of feeling this way, tired of being dizzy just tired… I’m rambling and venting … lord I need a prayer


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