#Fox New Article

Fox News: What you need to know about Fibromyalgia  here

This article posted on Fox News back in June gives a glimpse as to the conundrum of challenges that physicians and researchers face in diagnosing, treating and managing Fibromyalgia. The article gives great facts about the markers and deficiencies that Fibro patients face and the growing challenge they have to get the best and most effective treatments… as the article highlights the complexities of the illness show just how debilitating and depressing it is for sufferers who battle with the effects daily, and the challenge the medical community has in treating it and find co-existing conditions that may or many not serve as a root cause. It seems that the ongoing debate is whether or not Fibro is an inflammatory disease or not. Coming to a general consensus where that is concerned with improve diagnostic and treatment protocol.. The saga continues

Verdict: PASS


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