Article review: Fibromyalgia Treatments

Fibromyalgia News: Fibromyalgia Treatments: Use and Benefits here

This article leads with a misleading article. The article doesn’t really delve into new or for that matter helpful information on how patients are treating their Fibro. After giving some stats on a study in Australia,the article briefly mentions how exercise and staying physically fir are important ways to manage and cope with Fibro. There is nothing new or interesting about that well known piece of info. This article fails to show understanding on the difficulty that exerting exercise can be for Fibro and chronic pain sufferers. When undergoing long disease flares, where symptoms are at their height, sitting or laying is uncomfortable and painful enough for one to even think about yoga, pilates, or any other exercise whether it is high or low impact.

This does not factor in the emotional and mental fatigue and physical weakness that makes regular exercise nearly impossible for even the most determined. This article failed to live up to its headline and failed to reveal anything especially useful.

Verdict: FAIL


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