#strange sensations

so didn’t get to sleep until almost 5 am, then for over an hour I began to have these weird sensations where I felt like I was on roller coaster or swing and dropping down into the air, then  coming up again over over. It was literally like I was on a roller coaster . I don’t know if I was in a half dream half conscious state but it was very surreal, making me sick to my stomach. Like I felt my stomach dropping into my insides and like wind was whipping past my ears and all. The experience was awful, painful and scary . This was the first time that I have ever experienced anything like this. I have been getting strange sensations of course many times at night,  but nthing like this . These are becoming worse and more persistent . On top of that I felt the flush of pain overtake my body all night , in sharp shooting bursts like daggers of pain in each part of my body one at a time then all over. At one point I felt like I was heating up and sweating and had to rip my duvet off…. Awful!  Needless to say, I am still in the writhing, unable to move mode.I knew I would get payback for going out yesterday , but this is bad, really really bad. It’s almost like each week , it is getting worse. Anytime I push and do something relatively  normal this monster pushes back 5 x with a vengeance like overtaking my mind , body and soul, relentless.


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