#bad day

today is a bad day..head is pounding, throbbing, pulsating waves of pain…. body is writhing..sharp, stabs of pain in my legs, arms, and shoulders, upset stomach…nausea and dizzy feeling has left me unable to stand up straight… laying down is the best position and even this hurts like hell…I was not expecting to feel so overwhelmingly bombarded with aching pain today… I was looking forward to today… I was hoping for sunshine and some productivity for the first time this week… I was looking forward to breakfast on the patio and enjoying the sun, just for alittle while… my MRI experience was the only activity I performed yesterday that was out of the ordinary..I am shocked that even that has caused me such despair on the morning after.. I thought I had taken all the precautions necessary to avoid feeling like a tsunami had crashed against my body. …i did not drive, I got a ride and I was sure to come back home and rest and lay down….no matter how long I have battled this monster, it never ceases to shock me as to what activities send shock waves through my senses and system.. and this is why I get depressed and frustrated #fibrosucks


4 thoughts on “#bad day

  1. i have it too, i cant get around much and have loads of pain. cant even walk a block. do you have fog in the morning? cant remember things? pain in the neck and spine. its bloody awful. hugs.

  2. No one understands the mental and emotional effects. The claims to being cured…the false hope that a treatment gives and then you feel even worse after that…it is so depressing for me …like you get your hopes up that if only I do this…. then I will be back to how i was…and nothing has been that simple. NOTHING

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