#taxing tuesday

woke up to a not so pleasant phone call…the corruption and injustice in the world is enough to make you want to scream…the lengths that people will go to save face and cover their tracks in the process is appalling…what happened to “the customer is always right”?…we live in a different type of society where you are guilty until proven innocent and when you call people out on their lies and fraud..they begin to ramble and back peddle with no explanation…everyday people lie to God, so what makes me think they won’t lie to my very face…. forgive them father cause they know not what they do

oh well… I will keep on moving…head fog and fatigue at a level 10..pain at a level 7…won’t let any of it keep me down…there is too much good going on in my life for me to focus on the bad….I am blessed…and you are too..no matter how bad it gets keep your faith….#stay triumphant


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