#mindful thursday

it’s always darkest before the dawn…joy truly does come in the morning…woke up this morning the earliest I have in over two weeks….today is partly cloudy and wait for it!….sunny…thankful to be able to breathe in the fresh air and the ability to take my daily walk this morning…working on being mindful and living in the present moment …what are you grateful for today??….try to be calm and anxiety free …remember 98% of what we stress out about will never come to fruition…save your energy for peaceful and happy thoughts…live in the present, leave the problems of yesterday in the past, and do not be anxious about tomorrow…#stay blessed….


2 thoughts on “#mindful thursday

  1. You just motivated me to go out for a run… and to be thankful for every step. I think it was twain who said, “my life has been full of terrible misfortune, most of which never happened.” or something like that

  2. I’m grateful for my daughter’s sense of humor. She made me laugh so hard I had a mild cataplexy (some people with narcolepsy have this symptom – it’s a sudden loss of muscle tone triggered by emotion) attack and then felt really sleepy. Although cataplexy can be tricky to manage, I’m less inclined to worry about it when it is due to living a happy moment.

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