#midnight meditation

ending my day mindful and aware…in this very moment my body is aching, piercing, pulsating, writhing and I am as calm as a cucumber waiting for my melatonin and muscle relaxant to kick in…lived another day, another life, down this chronic road…in a chronic world…praying for my friends and their relationships…I admire everyone who is married, relationships are rough, tough, and so far I’ve learned I am not cut out for them…love takes time…but I digress…thanks to all the readers and followers, and everyone who takes the time to post a thoughtful comment…I am just a little soul in a fibro filled world..here’s to sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares…good night…#stay triumphant


One thought on “#midnight meditation

  1. Great to see that you are following my blog. I do feel concerned about your condition, and I do hope that the materials on my blog may help you.

    I know that the mind may be used to help one address their physical condition. It is worth trying. My effort is to introduce Buddha on my blog in a scientific fashion. I am presenting his exercises in a way that anybody can use them. All the data on my blog may be used freely. I am willing to help you along with these exercises.


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