#soul food sunday

grateful for one of the most productive weekends I have had in a long while…trying to stay mindful and positive…keeping focused on what I can do and not the pain and fatigue my body is screaming…thankful for my family, my ability to cook, and have fellowship, love, and bonding time over cooking and preparing good food…we all have something to be thankful for in our lives…how is your weekend…remember when you can do, DO and when you can’t DON’T…#be blessed…#stay triumphant…happy Sunday!!!


One thought on “#soul food sunday

  1. my friend wouldn’t let me stay home from church and came and took me to hers. ended up spending most of the day out, first with her and then back home to go grocery shopping with hubby, and then back out up to pick up my friend’s daughter to give her a break. She has pain issues too. It was good for me to be outside of myself thinking about easing someone elses pain (or at least her load.)

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