#flesh is weak

my spirit is willing but my body is weak and simply cannot be pushed anymore…I enjoyed the weekend of relative normalcy (at least my version of normal) …but unfortunately my small push forward will in fact set me back a whole lot…it is the price I pay for trying to enjoy life and not think about my pain, ache, and fatigue…and that’s what makes being mindful, aware, and allowing this monster to forge a place in my being so challenging to maintain..for now I am happy to have been able to get out and about this weekend and spend time with my family during my last weekend here in upstate NY…which happened to be my 27th day of birth on Saturday…I guess my body let up a little bit and allowed me some breathing room if only for a time…going into the new week hoping for the best but expecting the worse…I will try not to concentrate on the struggle of a week I know I will have…I enjoyed the times that I can do and will not be discouraged over the many moments when I can’t…looking forward to a long slumber tonight….saying prayers for everyone out there enduring tribulation…you can make it through..remember you are not a failure until you quit…#stay triumphant


One thought on “#flesh is weak

  1. happy belated b-day. 27, you’re a young pup. (I can say that without cringing too badly–I’ve accepted the fact I’m 45). Have a triumphant day. some days i push through just because I’ll be in pain weather i have fun or not so i might as well have fun.

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