#home bound

well this country mouse is headed back south….I have spent the last 3 weeks in upstate NY trying to get some R&R, reflection time, and TLC since my physical condition has been deteriorating over the last 3 months…I was successful in fulfilling some of these goals and not so successful in others…I love my family..but I must say I am at a place where I am happy with my Nashville home and living solo….my faith and resolve has been strengthened….despite chronic illness, I will be ok …I will not let it take away my independence or my happiness…I can say that my gluten free and vegan diet was hard to maintain here at home and I found myself acquiescing, bending, and conforming my rules to that of others …eating things that I have since removed from my diet…I am ok with doing this…instead of fighting and being the sourpuss, I took the hit and will get back to me and a detox upon returning home…when I live on my turf, I live my way…pain and fatigue high today, but emotional spirit is higher..I have many irons in the fire literally and figuratively…I hope everyone had a marvelous Monday…traveling day tomorrow so I won’t be posting a whole lot….be blessed #stay triumphant


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