#physician insensitivity

click the word video to be taken to the video…for some reason WP won’t let me embed video from HLN.

I found this video over at Elana’s Pantry in her post about leaky gut, celiac disease and the ignorance and insensitivity that doctors have regarding the disease. I cringed upon watching this video as Jennifer’s televised experience mirrors that of many I myself and others have on a  daily basis when talking to their specialists about invisible illnesses…often doctors are insensitive, disrespectful, condescending, mean spirited, and just plain rude…this is not ok? televised interviews like this held by Dr. Drew only add to the perpetuation of misinformation and ignorance that most people have against those battling with such illnesses…doctors like Dr. Drew need to do a better job at  getting educated and having compassion, especially those with the visibility and platform that he has…doctors do not know everything and it is ok to admit that…what is not OK,  is to degrade and minimize the experience of a patient because you lack knowledge..that is called discrimination ….where can I sign up to start a petition to complain about this interview?…


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