#it was only a splinter

last night I played the part of a surgeon and with my small nail manicure kit went to work on a tiny splinter lodged in the side of my thumb…for weeks I haven’t been able to figure out the source of my discomfort… my thumb had began to swell and was very sore…upon closer inspection, I realized that somehow a small piece of something had become lodged in the side of my thumb…several minutes later and after a lot of clipping, digging, biting, and sweating…my novice surgical procedure was complete...what a relief…during this whole ordeal I couldn’t help but think about the irony and metaphorical undertones this small splinter represented…

sometimes the tiniest imbalances and imperfections in our bodies, create major systemic problems…so often our doctors and specialists perform panel after panel of blood work, tests, and x-rays…they examine, prod, probe, and on the surface its seems as if nothing is wrong… they tell us our results are normal..they tell us our numbers are slightly off, but not enough to make a big difference, not enough to cause any problems…they tell us the pain and discomfort is all in our heads….How many times have you heard these words??…it can be a frustrating, maddening, conundrum of an experience because as patients we know how we feel and we know something, whatever it is, is off...

my point is that small seemingly insignificant disruptions in our bodies can create huge problems..hence the reason why many of us have allergies, are lactose intolerant, Type II Diabetics, dyslexia, depression, auto immune issues… the list is endless…we know that with one small DNA abnormality or extra chromosome an individual can be born with all sorts of life altering illnesses….

as a chronic illness sufferer, somewhere down the line…a small insidious “splinter”took root somewhere in my body and has caused life altering and detrimental consequences…even though this splinter doesn’t show up on an MRI, CT scan, or blood panel…I know that something is wrong, something is off because I am not normal, (whatever that means)…just like that small splinter in the side of my thumb…I will continue to dig away and find the answers to how my body, mind, and soul got to this place…what is the small culprit responsible for all my ailments….this is now my job…really our job as people with chronic disease to find the answers…sometimes we are tired and can’t bear the weight or the pain…but bit by bit we chip away to find answers..to research…and to find a doctor who will listen to us … a doctor who will take a step back…examine more closely those numbers and look at those small things that are just a little bit off….and are willing to help us to uncover what lies beneath…

that’s all I have tonight folks….sleep well…praying for peace, rest, and happiness to everyone out there suffering in silence…keep the faith…and as always….#stay triumphant




One thought on “#it was only a splinter

  1. I really enjoyed reading your analysis. The ‘splinter’ never shows up on any medical test. It cannot show up. Similarly, your suffering also doesn’t show up on any medical test. Your symptoms are merely signposts along your journey to completely heal. There is always a reason for any symptom. In the case of the splinter, you found it. You found the cause and then did something to resolfve it. You “surgically” removed it. And voila, the pain of the splinter went away and the swelling disappeared over time…. has happened to me, too. LOL! Symptoms are always a signpost. Pay attention to the information your signposts are conveying to you. Find the cause and resolve it. Just finding the cause is never enough. You have to resolve the underlying issue. If you don’t, the symptom speaks louder and louder. Been there done that (many times).

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