#sorrow on Saturday

today is one of those blah, cold, rainy days where all you want to do is curl up in bed with a good book and do absolutely nothing….ironically, I feel like that on my best days…waking up to a slow start…pain not as intense…fatigue is lingering, omnipresent, always keeping a watchful eye over me, waiting to pounce at any moment…I am determined to push through and carry on….feeling sad and somewhat emotional…I never need to have a reason….paranoid and anxious…but trying to keep those demons at bay with mindful positive thoughts….just one day at a time..for tomorrow will have its own badness…I keep trying to keep these sentiments in the forefront of my mind…no need to worry about things that have not happened….this week seemed to go by fast and slow at the same time…accomplished many things…and my body is seeming to keep up ok…I am rambling….so I’ll end this post here…wishing you all a joyful, productive weekend…make every moment count and take nothing for granted..we are blessed in more ways than we can count…#happy weekend


One thought on “#sorrow on Saturday

  1. This sounds so familiar, my dear one. Sadness and fatigue seem to linger around me like the cold, dreary weather you describe. Even when it seems such a struggle to get out of bed, we still do it and do our best to focus on the blessings we do have. Soft hugs to you ~Karen

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