#Saturday survival

survived another Saturday….its seems as though they all blur together….despite it all, today shaped up to be an ok day….and OK for me is splendid….physical therapy and a little walking…body is tired and fatigued…mind is going 80 miles per hour…I hope everyone out there in the blogosphere had an awesome day…wishing for sunshine and less stiffness tomorrow…praying for all those enduring hardship and pain…remember, you may down down..but don’t count yourself out…endurance works out faith…it may be hard to see but the twists and turns along this journey called life are part of a much larger story…beyond every rainstorm is a rainbow….signing off…#goodnight #stay triumphant


4 thoughts on “#Saturday survival

  1. Long but awesome. Writer’s group this morning further from home than usual and my back hasn’t been liking driving lately but I was elated by how well they liked my latest chapter that I didn’t care. You should friend me on facebook and join my Delightful December posts. Each day I post something I find delight in and hope my friends join in. Helps to stay postive.

  2. I like reading your accounts of your necessarily slowed down life. Not many people live at that kind of speed. It may seem like you are the abnormal one, and that you should be living faster like everyone else. But maybe more should live slower as you do. I know it is from your situation and not out of choice. But in some ways I am quite envious! I quite like my life as it is now. Once I had a slower life enforced upon me as you now have, and I was able to tune into the day to day, take one day at a time, and I became wise. Though it was hard and painful. I have a choice now that I could slow down if I chose, but somehow I don’t seem to be able to! Maybe that’s why we get ill, or bad things happen to us, to force us along a path that we need to travel.

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