#another Tuesday

cold, dark and dreary Tuesday…I feel like the last few Tuesdays have looked like it looks out today…fatigue is high, pain is about the same..venturing out into the world today..pressing errands that I can’t put off any longer…sometimes I feel like I am becoming an agoraphobic, since these days I feel much more comfortable in my home, safe and sound from the hustle and bustle of the world…maybe this feeling is just an illusion…did not get to post last night…to busy working on my food blog...theglutenfreechef… thankful for living to see another day..for a roof over my head….and food in my pantry….how is your day so far…I wish everyone much productivity today….#stay triumphant


One thought on “#another Tuesday

  1. The security of your home is not an illusion. I sometimes skip church because no one gets it that hugs and handshakes hurt. Hey, I even hugged a friend with fibro too hard the other day so I guess I can’t blame them. Running errands where no one knows me doesn’t worry me since strangers rarely want to touch me.

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