#modest thursday

hope everyone is doing well. beautiful day today spent with beautiful people…I love it when the sun shines all week…trying to stay mindful and modest…grateful for being on the upswing this week…but I don’t want to take things too far…and this is how we know our pain comes from something real and that it is just not “psychological”…no matter how good you may feel mentally, the monster is always lurking somewhere near, beyond the shadows….how many of you are sick of hearing doctors tell you that it is “psychological”….if I had a nickel…you know what, let me not even go there….I have had too good of a week to dip into that place…remember ,I have given it to God….so, here’s to a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend…sleep tight my friends and keep your head up…until tomorrow #stay triumphant


3 thoughts on “#modest thursday

  1. Great attitude. Cold here this morning but plan on having a good weekend. Going out to breakfast tomorrow to celebrate the release of my first novel then time to shop for Christmas. That could turn into a painfully long morning but I will do my best to focus on the joy of the moment. Stay triumphant.

      • yes, and there should be a link to order direct from Westbow on my author wall or you can go to Westbow.com and enter my name. It’s called Night Blooming Jasmine and has a picture of a house with two churches in the background on the cover. It’s #1 in my Shadow Of The Steeples series.

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