#not so amazing Friday

so I signed off last night (early this morning) wishing everyone an amazing Friday…well I woke up this morning and this body is screaming for sure…but not anything amazing…I laid in bed for 15 min trying to take in the searing pain in my legs and nausea in my stomach…and make it to the bathroom…why can’t I have 4 good days in a row…oh well, I guess I should shut up, stop complaining and be grateful for the days I had…the weather is still beautiful, sunshine is amazing and even though my mind and body are not cooperating today I’ll keep my spirits up…I knew today would be one of those painful achy Friday’s…don’t call it intuition…I’ve dealt with this long enough to know how it works…when I push too much…my body pushes back…this is not mental…I have a “real” chronic illness…and like the rest of you, I know my body best…no matter what anyone else says….ok so let me try to muster up strength to take a shower…wishing everyone peace, love, and low pain today…


4 thoughts on “#not so amazing Friday

  1. Yes, we know our bodies better than anyone and even though we know we shouldn’t we push ourselves. Take care of yourself and I hope the pain and nausea subside.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I don’t get nausea so for that I am grateful. Wish I could take your pain and give it to a criminal in prison or an ex-boyfriend … anyone else but you and the rest of us nice people who suffer.

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