#comments on Saturday

a visitor brought it to my attention that I had been remiss in responding to  a comment…I just want to let everyone know that if I haven’t responded to a comment it is certainly not intentional….I am so grateful for each person that visits and takes time to share a few thoughts on anything I write…between the fog, the second blog and sometimes just trying to keep afloat day to day , I may have overlooked a comment….I will make it my effort to pay closer attention…thank you again…I hope everyone is having a safe peaceful Saturday…so far my nausea is continuing….fatigue is high and I’m trying to wrap my brain around being mobile today…I’m saying a little prayer as I type…to push or not to push..is my daily conundrum….I hope you are doing better than myself…Happy Saturday

One thought on “#comments on Saturday

  1. When I haven’t felt like really reading my emails and then have to go through hundreds I worry that I am going to miss something. That is part of the brain fog and the process of dealing with chronic illness.

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