#pray for me

I’m calling for prayers tonight…pushed way too far today and my body is pushing back…. aching down to the marrow..and that’s no exaggeration…the unsteady damp/cool weather isn’t helping much…but mainly this flush of fatigue and pain is my fault…you know that I know better…wishing everyone a peaceful night…now it’s time for me to go say a few prayers, one for better judgement and a second and third to make sure I remember to stay under the limit the next time…peace and love and goodnight…#stay triumphant


5 thoughts on “#pray for me

  1. I am quite familiar with overdoing it. And needing a recovery day afterwards. Some days I think I’m being dumb – others I realize I am embracing this life and accepting it for what it is – and not letting it stop me from being who I am. I’ve just recently started a Fibromyalgia blog of my own and hope to continue finding others that want to share there stories. 🙂 Be well.

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