#down for the count

So I admit it. I pushed way to far this week…and while on one hand, I am happy to have been able to do more in a week than I have in months….I know I will be paying for it as this week unfolds….so I am making a determination to not complain…I know the forecast and I am prepared for the dark clouds that will be hanging over my bed for the next week….this monster in here and has overtaken with a vengeance….the world is in my prayers tonight…despite my ills, there are those in worse pain than I am tonight…those who have no pill to help them cope with their pain and loss…we are truly living in critical times hard to deal with…..it is clear by world events where we are and I keep on the watch…no body knows the time or the hour…just remember, there is a rainbow at the end of every storm….sorrow proceeds the sunlight….and even though you may not see it now,,,there will be brighter days on the horizon…I’ll commit these words to my own memory this week….. good day and good night #stay triumphant


3 thoughts on “#down for the count

  1. We gain nothing by complaining. I had a great day yesterday but spent today in bed. My husband said next time we’ll take it easy. I hate having to take it easy but I love that he wants me to. Now to just get better about my eating habits. Read about D-ribose today in a woman’s magazine but it’s sugar based and I’m hypoglycemic. It was great for firbro and chronic fatigue though so you may want to look into it for yourself. I still may ask my doctor about it. Maybe it’s not a significant amount of sugar or maybe I can do something to counteract it. Oh and a friend gave me a link for instructions to make my own microwave heating pads so I’m going to try to make wrist bands since my wrists were really sore today.

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