#taxing Tuesday

I must admit even when you know what to expect and prepare your mind it still sucks …typing this from my phone as I am too fatigued and exhausted to pull out the laptop…no matter how much I live this pain and fatigue I am never used to it and level 20 days like today catch me off guard every time ..,, they shouldn’t but add that to the list of complexities and conundrums of this illness …on a brighter note the sun is radiant …. hoping my sleep meds kick in soon as being asleep is the only prescription for this affliction… #Happy Tuesday


5 thoughts on “#taxing Tuesday

  1. level 2o? yipes! sucks that sleep is the only remedy since noone understands that. It’s been implied that I am lazy. it just started raining here–knew it was coming thanks to my arthritic knee. i’m trying to do some intricate painting and it’s tough but it’s something I can do from bed. stay triumphant.

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