On my Ipod: can you stand the rain

sunny days, everyone loves them…but Can you stand the rain….New Edition was speaking to a love interest…but the overarching message of this song applies to my situation…as you know I am amidst an intense flareup….as I predicted this weekend…my pushing and being immodest last week  caught up with me this week…and my body is pushing back….even though I am accustomed to this….flare surges always catch my mind off guard as I can never know how intense the pain and fatigue will be, or how long they will last…it is so easy to forget the “good”(remember good for me is relative, pain and fatigue are always there, and high but I bear with it) and wallow in woe and mourn on the more severe days….but as the song says I am trying to stand the rain…so, this time I won’t wallow in a woeful place, just be honest and know that this too will pass….Can you stand the rain? ….praying for peace of mind and solace for all those mourning, paining, and suffering tonight….for some joy will not come in the morning…but hopefully sooner rather than later #goodnight #stay triumphant


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