#up and about

up and lucid for the moment…trying to finish a freelance article within the next hour…the fog and weight on my senses is very heavy….currently feeling surges of heat like lava going up and down both legs…like someone is pouring hot wax through my veins…I may take a muscle relaxant in a few if I can’t push through it…both blinds are open to allow for maximum sun exposure…plan to step outside to catch a ray or two before the sky falls….I hope everyone is having a magnificent Wednesday….


3 thoughts on “#up and about

  1. Glad you’re up. Sorry about the lava legs. I just answered the phone as if I’d just run a mile but I’d only been straightening up the house and then finding the heavy duty wire cutters trimmed the too tall top of the artificial tree. Sheesh. I shouldn’t be this out of breath after only working 10 minutes max. And I don’t want to write because my current work in progress is about an abused child. I’ll find something to fight the boredom after I rest a bit.

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