#it’s the small things that count

I’ll make this post short and sweet…this week has been exhausting, fatiguing, painful and all of the above….today was by far the worst day…I ventured out to see my therapist in the cold, whipping rain and wind…I would have rather stayed in the bed…. but I forced myself out anyway…grateful for the three days of blue skies and sunshine….it is so easy to forget those days on dark, cold, gloomy, windy and rainy days like today…I for one cherish those bright moments…. life is so short, it’s best to take nothing for granted….those small moments add up,and it’s the small things that you miss the most when they are no longer around…hoping for a better day tomorrow, praying for all those out there weeping and enduring…remember, joy will return…good night…#stay triumphant


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