#just what the doctor ordered

Saturday has come to an end…another weekend spent in bed, in pain, in a flareup… …..on the bright side, today was beautiful and I was able to leave the house for 20 minutes…I can count on one hand the number of productive weekends I have had over the last 6 months (less than 5)….I’m grateful for those moments as they keep me built up when my body shuts down like it has been this week….I hope everyone had a purposeful, productive and mindful weekend… if not I hope you had peace and got some rest…sometimes doing absolutely nothing is just what the doctor ordered….often times we dismiss our bodies when it tells us to stop, take a break, and rest….I dismissed mine for years and it is pushing back, telling me to take a break, restore and repair….so, I’ll be grateful for the opportunity I have to stop and rest, it doesn’t always seem ideal, but bed rest is just what my body ordered…good night, stay blessed…and as always #stay triumphant


5 thoughts on “#just what the doctor ordered

  1. I have also spent much of the last several days on the couch. It is very discouraging, but years of ignoring my body has probably contributed to where I am at. Struggling with my reality, but am drawing comfort from knowing I am not alone. Hoping you have a restful Sunday.

    • I understand the feeling. The pain and constant inflammation wears on your mind just as much as your body. So far my Sunday is not much better than my Saturday. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  2. Thanks for vising my blog site. I can’t imagine what you’re going through except as it relates to my dialysis experience. But, I can share in your frustration and emotional pain dealing with a physical malady day after day. But it’s the time when we’re NOT in pain or discomfort that is what we call “life”. That’s the key and you seem to have that in your possession. I am so glad to have made your acquaintance! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope 2013 brings you less pain and more joy.

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