#weakened week end

pain is lower today, but still high…fatigue is overbearing…trying to stabilize my system after the terrible “storm surge” that I experienced on Wednesday….not fully certain as to what triggered such a horrible rush of pain, but I hope to never experience that again….continuing to take it easy and rest..for every one step forward I get pushed back 25 steps…psychologically feeling ok, not exactly high on life, but mentally content, trying to exercise a mindful spirit live in the moment, and remember that at the end of the storm comes a rainbow….here’s to a productive Friday for all of you and a pleasant weekend #stay triumphant


One thought on “#weakened week end

  1. I think anything we do under this umbrella of pain and exhaustion can be considered productive even if it isn’t up to our former standard. Stay triumphant. Looks like I’ll be able to finish edits from last critique meeting and get the next chapter ready for the next meeting. Hubby has next 4 days off so won’t get much writing done then.

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