#coldest winter ever?

Hidy Ho? Hidee Ho? HI D HO?  Oh, well you get what I trying to say…Hey folks….hoping that everyone is staying toasty on this blustery Saturday…Nashville isn’t so bad…(of course, I haven’t set foot outside in nearly 4 days so what do I know)…I do know that the rest of the country seems to be under the weather….literally, with the snow, wind, power outages, and influenza outbreaks…this wintery season is off to an eventful start and this is just the beginning…. if the last 3 weeks is any indication of how the winter will be then I guess I should brace myself and get ready…

today was an ok day, I have been up and out of bed, the pain detached itself just enough to give me some room to breathe…I’ll take it….the fatigue is not as heavy..no fog for now…again I’ll take what I can get…back to resting now…rest is the order of the day….and on a bad note I think I have a UTI…I‘ll let the initials speak for themselves, as I feel like they alone are TMI...thankfully I see my primary on Monday…we can add antibiotics to my running list of meds…I’m so over DOCTOR visits….but I’ll save that soapbox for another post…typing this one has exhausted me… have a holly jolly evening…until tomorrow…#stay triumphant


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