#sunrise Sunday

beautiful clear and sunny Nashville day….I can see it from my bedroom window….another day in this weeks long flare…pain is numbing and pounding in my mind….fatigued and feeling weighed down…on a good note I had the stamina to cook myself a homemade meal for the first time in weeks….emotionally feeling blah, drained and over it…no matter how much I try to push through the depression and low mood, being in constant pain and inflammation slowly wears away at my psyche and chips away my spirit…nothing new where that is concerned…..just another day in my life of living with fibromyalgia….that’s all I have, no spirit to blog today….#Happy Sunday


3 thoughts on “#sunrise Sunday

  1. I won’t try to “cheer you up” cuz I hate it when people try that with me. Won’t mention the mind over matter stuff I get thrown at me by people who aren’t living in my skin. I will say that I am not currently flaring and that gives me hope that your flare period will end soon too. Honestly my worst pain right now is my twice injured shoulder. Praying the Lord lifts your pain and your spirits.

  2. Sorry to hear you are still flaring and feeling down. The pain and inflammation certainly do chip away at the spirit. I’m going through it too. Life is blah right now.

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