#terrific Thursday

go figure, I actually had a terrific day!… by far the best day in 3 and a half weeks…so I will take it….feeling a tad undone since I haven’t been able to walk since the pain surge hit me last week and now I am scared to shake up the body (yes, even a walk is a shake up in my world) OHHH…..must remember slow paces…slow measured paces… any how back to today, had my weekly session with my psychologist, rest, sunshine, and some work thrown in for good measure… I am dog tired and ready to hit the hay…I hope everyone had a productive and blessed day…I won’t hold my breath for Friday…but I will stay positive….good night…god bless #stay triumphant


2 thoughts on “#terrific Thursday

  1. Me too. Great Thursday. Thursdays feel very good at the moment. I don’t know much about the planets, but I have heard Jupiter is up to something that seems beneficial. And Thursday is Jupiter day. Let’s see if there’s a pattern!

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