#the last laugh

A new friend inspired me to write this poem. May she find the strength to continue to fight.

anniversary day, you wrote our love away
promised me through thick and thin, love forever you were in
the way you called it, oh so wrong
no decency to tell me to my face, after eleven years so long?

not to sure I can endure the pain
can this gnawing ache bear this weight?
wasn’t I good enough, didn’t I demonstrate?

the love I have will right your wrongs
new chapter, new doors, I am powerful, I am strong
fought this battle long before you came
slayed dragons and demons then
Goliath battle I’m in

I’ll rise above, I’ll soar
your papers won’t take the spirit I hold within
believe me I will win
my spirit will last
and time will heal the wounds of our past
believe it when I say to you
I’ll have the last laugh



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