#fancy free Friday

two great days in the row…what planets and stars were aligned to bring me this?…I found myself out running errands today, smiling, relatively pain free, care free….burden free, fancy free….see all the Free’s I came up with on the fly…seriously though I feel truly blessed to have had an awesome day…it is the rare moments like this, the glimpse of my former self…deep down inside, beneath all the pain and ache and fatigue and over active nerves that person is there…and it is my new mission to find him so he can stay and these “free” moments will last forever….knock on wood, let’s not jinx the moment…I truly hope everyone out there had as good of a day as me..one day at a time..new and exciting things on the horizon…remember at the end of every storm comes a rainbow….our moment is coming….stay warm, stay hopeful…stay triumphant…#good night


6 thoughts on “#fancy free Friday

  1. 🙂 hey I read fish has anti-inflamatory properties. I think it was certain fish like Salmon but maybe that tuna helped. The same article also said dark choclate relieves inflamatory pain as does liver but i’d rather have chocolate

  2. This is a really good sign of things to come! You are aligning well with the planetary changes, it seems to me! Many people have been going through some strange times recently, noticeably illness and ailments. Here is a comment left on my blog from a post about illness (partly triggered by you). Hope it is of use…
    Dear Suli
    Read the book called “The Miracle of MSM” (the natural solution for pain). There is an interesting section on “fibromyalgia”. Taking pharmaceutical drugs can over time increase the tendency to the very thing that they are supposed to relieve.

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