#weekend warrior

this is my first post of the weekend…fortunately, I’ve been too busy out enjoying it for the first time in many months…what did I do to be blessed with four consecutive awesome days!…I don’t know but I am grateful and intend to pay it forward with a few good deeds…the weather has been flawless, my pain has been low and fatigue has taken more of a back seat supporting role as opposed to the lead…I got out, I walked, I caught the suns rays, I baked…visited friends…and it was all just lovely and awesome….the storm has broke, for just a little and we are a midst a gorgeous rainbow…but as I know I have not been “miraculously cured” and I haven’t forgotten that I have a chronic illness…I didn’t walk too close to the side walk and become immodest….I want this good streak to last just a little longer if it can and that means that not too far from the front of my existence is my acceptance of my limitations, pacing myself, and not going to crazy….I hope you too had low pain this weekend…the planets quite literally seem to be aligned..and there is something in the weather because it certainly does not feel like January…. as we go into the second week of 2013 I am happy to have started the year on a high note….I will remember this weekend…have a restful night…and as always # stay triumphant


4 thoughts on “#weekend warrior

  1. I am so glad you are feeling well enough to celebrate the distinctly non-January weather. We are heading for that, too, and I can’t wait. I hope your pleasant weekend turns into a pleasant week!

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