#where did the week go?

Boy time certainly slips away…I have been remiss in posting regularly this week… between mini flare ups, resting, naps, publishing my book and setting up the blog redesign…my tokens of energy were diced and spliced between many activities…for the most part, this week was OK…the fatigue and pain monster were back in full swing again and pacing and resting were the order of every day… it never ceases to amaze me how every little thing we do requires energy….typing, walking, breathing, placing a phone call, writing a letter…everything….I have a much better appreciation for the ability to just live since what I do and how I do it is on the forefront of my brain at every waking second… brain fog and stifled concentration were high this week as well, my inability to concentrate….and delayed processing time made tasks like typing emails drag out longer than they needed…by the time it came time for my daily post, I was so mentally fatigued and drained that typing was just too much to bear….I have so many irons in the fire that it is becoming hard to keep track…much gratitude for all the support and encouragement that I receive from you the readers…I hope everyone is having a restful yet productive weekend…the weather in my neck of the woods has certainly lent itself to productivity….70 degrees just doesn’t feel right in January…I guess that is the upstate New Yorker in me…keep on pressing on and #stay triumphant



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