#everything’s gonna be alright

the wrong side of the bed expression won’t cut it for today…I woke up feeling like I had slept on the floor….better yet on the pavement, outside, all night in the freezing rain…needless to say it wasn’t a great moment…but today was doctor appointment day so I was forced out of the lair…probably for the best..sunshine made a return and the vitamin D was much needed for all….at this point me and doctor visits are an exercise in futility…a necessary evil, that stresses out my system, makes me feel nauseous, sick to my stomach, shaky…despondent, angry…and all of the above…I’m so far over doctors that I don’t even have the vocabulary necessary to articulate…and that is no exaggeration…and so I won’t even try to articulate…what I will say is my day ended better than it began, mentally more so than anything…I was able to turn my attitude around…find positivity and carry forth…I guess that’s what it’s all about…physically I feel beat, worn, broken, maimed, tattered….but mentally I know that everything’s gonna be alright….and with that I’ll sign off…wishing, hoping and praying for strength tomorrow, sending positive vibes to everyone feeling like they want to give up on the world, please keep pushing on….in time everything will be alright….#good night…peace be with you #stay triumphant


4 thoughts on “#everything’s gonna be alright

  1. Sigh. Glad you found your positive attitude. It was in the 70’s and sunny when I was working out this morning. My friend, who was also diagnosed with fibro at age 27, mentioned how good the vitamin D would be for me and I just wished I could have sent you some. Good night. Hope you wake up on the right side of the bed in the morning.

  2. we all hav our “giv up” days…its inevitable when living with a chronic illness…but we always pull ourselves up and out of the hole…and look for any bit of happiness we can find….we get our gratitude journal out and start listing all our blessings…being ill and having to deal with the medical community, billing, insurance, medications, and all that goes with it…can get to the best of us. Hang in there! And thank u for sharing your story…its helpful to so many to not feel so alone.

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