#sweet dreams & beautiful nightmares

blue_moon_by_chasing_dreams_350another week and weekend has come to an end…I can’t believe we are already half way through month one of 2013…for me, all the days and weeks kind of blur together…especially with me being home bound the majority of the time…I’ll keep this post positive even though my body isn’t feeling so…grateful that the sun made a return and that I was able to get out the house a few times this weekend…thankful for the roof over my head, my heat and hot water, and the ability to breathe…I hope every has a safe night, with peaceful dreams, and maybe a beautiful nightmare or (two)…praying for joy in the morning and no weeping for tonight….you (we) are more blessed than we know…goodnight #stay triumphant

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3 thoughts on “#sweet dreams & beautiful nightmares

  1. it’s morning and i don’t remember last night’s dream. the sun was a nice treat yesterday and we took a spontaneous day trip. hubby and i don’t do that often. trying to focus on the beauty of the day rather than the pain my body is in because i pushed it. hang in there.

  2. Hello, living,

    I have just read your posts from the last week, and while I didn’t comment on each, I want you to know that I am inspired by your strength and your practical approach to living with such a difficult condition. Always wishing you all the best!

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