#fear no more

I live in fear…fear that my next move will be painful….fear that I might push my body to far…fear that I’ll be down for the count…fear of another flare…fear I might not be able to move tomorrow…fear of the future…and you know what I’m tired of it…so today I ran…it started off as a walk and as I walked I felt like running..so I ran….not to fast not too hard..but it was a run and it felt great…this illness has taken away so much of my life..and I’m over it…It felt great to live in the moment…not over think my moves..to not be in fear of what the moves would do to my body…to not over think my actions…that’s how I felt and I won’t allow myself to regret it…there’s a scripture that says “fear not those who kill the body,but cannot destroy  the soul”….chronic illness might damage my body…but I refuse to let it take away my soul…my inner drive…my spirit…my life…I will fear no more..

Those are my thoughts for today…the blog will be down for a spell as it is being migrated to another platform…so comments and updates will be turned off for the moment…Happy Tuesday and Wednesday….#stay triumphant


7 thoughts on “#fear no more

  1. Love it! The Human Spirit shines out from this post. And you are right, they can cause us physical pain, but they can never get our soul. (Well as far as I know, anyway! maybe they can get it by doing a deal, but that requires our consent). It seems to me that you have rediscovered your soul through this illness.

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly started a blog with “I live in fear.” You entry rocked my world – not only because you conquered fear yesterday, but because you let me know that I am not alone in mine every day. Today I am catching up with bloggers who Liked or Followed my Urban Yoga Den blog in 2012. Thank you for reading…and for writing! OM Shanti. h* (PS – do you have a Facebook page for your blog? For me, my “Urban Yoga Den (Holly Meyers)” fan page has been another way to share my thoughts beyond WordPress. Just a thought!)

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