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We Want To: But Can’t!.

I stumbled upon this while perusing a fellow Fibromite’s blog. Shelly over at Fighterzblog so perfectly paints the picture of my life with her poignant words that I was moved to tears…nothing else really needs to be said

Brother’s Dying Wish Turns Into Family Business | My Family Business – Yahoo! Finance

Brother’s Dying Wish Turns Into Family Business | My Family Business – Yahoo! Finance.

This story made me think how even in tragedy one can find joy…after death comes birth, rebirth and life, at the end of every storm is rainbow…#if you believe you will achieve

#it was only a splinter

last night I played the part of a surgeon and with my small nail manicure kit went to work on a tiny splinter lodged in the side of my thumb…for weeks I haven’t been able to figure out the source of my discomfort… my thumb had began to swell and was very sore…upon closer inspection, I realized that somehow a small piece of something had become lodged in the side of my thumb…several minutes later and after a lot of clipping, digging, biting, and sweating…my novice surgical procedure was complete...what a relief…during this whole ordeal I couldn’t help but think about the irony and metaphorical undertones this small splinter represented…

sometimes the tiniest imbalances and imperfections in our bodies, create major systemic problems…so often our doctors and specialists perform panel after panel of blood work, tests, and x-rays…they examine, prod, probe, and on the surface its seems as if nothing is wrong… they tell us our results are normal..they tell us our numbers are slightly off, but not enough to make a big difference, not enough to cause any problems…they tell us the pain and discomfort is all in our heads….How many times have you heard these words??…it can be a frustrating, maddening, conundrum of an experience because as patients we know how we feel and we know something, whatever it is, is off...

my point is that small seemingly insignificant disruptions in our bodies can create huge problems..hence the reason why many of us have allergies, are lactose intolerant, Type II Diabetics, dyslexia, depression, auto immune issues… the list is endless…we know that with one small DNA abnormality or extra chromosome an individual can be born with all sorts of life altering illnesses….

as a chronic illness sufferer, somewhere down the line…a small insidious “splinter”took root somewhere in my body and has caused life altering and detrimental consequences…even though this splinter doesn’t show up on an MRI, CT scan, or blood panel…I know that something is wrong, something is off because I am not normal, (whatever that means)…just like that small splinter in the side of my thumb…I will continue to dig away and find the answers to how my body, mind, and soul got to this place…what is the small culprit responsible for all my ailments….this is now my job…really our job as people with chronic disease to find the answers…sometimes we are tired and can’t bear the weight or the pain…but bit by bit we chip away to find answers..to research…and to find a doctor who will listen to us … a doctor who will take a step back…examine more closely those numbers and look at those small things that are just a little bit off….and are willing to help us to uncover what lies beneath…

that’s all I have tonight folks….sleep well…praying for peace, rest, and happiness to everyone out there suffering in silence…keep the faith…and as always….#stay triumphant



#on my Ipod: Insomnia

so, I thought of this new feature during my long plane ride back to Nashville (read more on that here). So, I will begin to post about songs that I listen to and for whatever reason really move my soul, speak to me, and help me cope with my pain..music like writing and reading, is my release and my therapy….and more often than not, it is a song that touches emotions I never realized still existed and hadn’t become deadened by constant inflammation….I am an all music genre lover….rather than the genre, it is the feeling, the movement, the lyric, melody, key, or passion that make me take to a song regardless of the genre…I have been in a R&B kinda mood for months now and the song on this first #on my Ipod feature is called Insomnia by the artist Sammie… you can read more about Sammie here ….he gained notoriety in the early 2000’s…but took time off to finish school, live life, and find his voice…he was MIA for a minute and is back on his musical journey and grind releasing a superb free mixtape….his song Insomnia really speaks for it self for me in terms of my battle with sleep and being up all night, unable to fall asleep…his emotion, passion, and self penned lyrics literally had me up all night replaying the song repeatedly, because I just could not believe another soul experiences what I experience…the song puts the experience of insomnia and sleeplessness to words and music in a way I could never do justice to….catch up with Sammie and download his free mixtape…you won’t be disappointed (and if you were wondering…I was in no way paid to endorse this artist or song)…#happy listening

#physician insensitivity

click the word video to be taken to the video…for some reason WP won’t let me embed video from HLN.

I found this video over at Elana’s Pantry in her post about leaky gut, celiac disease and the ignorance and insensitivity that doctors have regarding the disease. I cringed upon watching this video as Jennifer’s televised experience mirrors that of many I myself and others have on a  daily basis when talking to their specialists about invisible illnesses…often doctors are insensitive, disrespectful, condescending, mean spirited, and just plain rude…this is not ok? televised interviews like this held by Dr. Drew only add to the perpetuation of misinformation and ignorance that most people have against those battling with such illnesses…doctors like Dr. Drew need to do a better job at  getting educated and having compassion, especially those with the visibility and platform that he has…doctors do not know everything and it is ok to admit that…what is not OK,  is to degrade and minimize the experience of a patient because you lack knowledge..that is called discrimination ….where can I sign up to start a petition to complain about this interview?…

#hunger in Nashville

The holiday season is a time of hope and giving. For many people throughout Middle and West Tennessee, this time of year finds them in dire need of food—many for the first time in their lives. the gluten free chef is proud to announce our partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank this winter to help raise 10 million meals for hungry people in our community. As the Food Bank and their Partner Agencies face unprecedented demand for food assistance, they need your support now more than ever. You can help.

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Donation bins will be located at 1242 Ardee Ave, Nashville 37216

Most needed items include: canned vegetables, soups, stews and fruit, canned meats (tuna and chicken), peanut butter, cereal and pasta.

You can also make an online donation at secondharvestmidtn.org. Every $1 donated provides 4 meals to hungry children, families and seniors.

Furthermore, 96 cents of every dollar goes directly to feeding hungry people when you make a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.