#suffocating on Saturday

sunny blue skies….knee deep in this flare up….was able to make apple cinnamon oatmeal, make a quick run to the mailbox to mail a package, and to the market. not in that order…fatigue and fog is nearly suffocating back to black I go…mentally in good spirits but the body is not cooperating….sending hugs and wishing you all a Happy Saturday…#off the bed

#on my Ipod: Triumphant

this song Triumphant by the iconic Mariah Carey uplifts me and gives me the strength and courage to press on..especially on black days like today…although ill received by critics and casual listeners…these lyrics carry me through this painful journey

what hits home the most:”can’t fall down, for even when clouds surround you…and everyone seems to doubt you…baby still know who you are…see you gotta keep on climbing in spite of the chains that bind you you can see the mountain top it’s not to far…

it isn’t failure until you quit


#monday blues

feeling a little blue today

grey and white swirls surrounding me

magenta pain, purple haze

envelopes my mind

searing bleeding

can’t turn back the hands of time

green and yellow flowers wilt away

making room for gold, burnt orange, and violet hues

as much as I try I cannot eschew

the murky dark brown gloom

as it leads me down the path

and I fade back to black