#wide awake

insomnia…no sleep… wide awake


so it is 3:50 am and I am still awake…and what am I doing up you ask? plotting to take over the world of course… actually, I am researching and working on this very blog… and by god I think I finally found a design template that suites the content perfectly.. what do you think?? ok, ok… I will try to calm my racing mind down and let my pain wrecked body rest..but I figure I may as well be productive in my insomnia #good night for the second time







take my breath away again

insidious, flaming

tossing, turning, tumultuous within

searing, burning , envelopes my skin

in and out out then in

entering into this matrix I spin

condescending never ending, jeering

the daggers like pins

my soul longing, can’t bear this beating

will it end
down this black hole

this vicious cycle I’m in

this torrid, tormented, burning, oppressive sin

will I win

I know this fate, unyielding

the cycle repeats, and begins again