Giveaway: Cooking with Fibromyalgia | the gluten free chef

Giveaway: Cooking with Fibromyalgia | the gluten free chef.


#ready set bed

Tranquility____Collab___by_freelancahall wrapped up, comforter down, socks out, and this camper is ready to hit the hay…all in all, today has been one of the better days I’ve had in weeks…and for once that’s saying a lot….if you are cold and feeling lonely tonight…mentally take your mind to a happier place in time…adorn yourself with those thoughts and wrap your soul with peace, love and joy…as always #stay triumphant

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On my Ipod: Fly

I came to win, to fight, to conquer to thrive…I came to to win, to survive, to prosper to rise…to FLY...these lyrics really sum up my thoughts and feelings at this very moment… every time I overcome a hurdle…push through the fatigue and fog… for the all times when I take three steps forward then get pushed five steps back…to the doctors who tell me it is all in my bed….when I know better that it’s not…for living in this skin and fighting this monster day after day…for the times when I give in to the pain…but never give up on the fight…for the small accomplishments that seem so insignificant to you… but are small victories for me…for remembering that I’m not a failure until I quit……I will win, I will survive…. I WILL FLY... #get ready for it

Fly by Nicki Minaj

#sabbath day

on this seventh Sabbath day

cold and lonely just like Saturday

mood ring colors, vacillate

purple hues envelope me

a little magenta

a dash of grey

no blue hues on my palette of paint

not red with anger

not filled with hate

not green with envy

or yellow fears do I demonstrate

won’t fall prey to the black ice paint

no sorrow or mourning

no heartache

no, I’ll stay magenta

I’ll bear this weight

I’ll paint the pain away

on this Sabbath day