fatigued and pain filled day all day…got alittle writing and book work done via the bed…which has basically become my second home within my home…now time to begin my bed time ritual of a hot shower, fibro body oil rub down, medication cocktail, and hopefully I will be able to get to sleep within 2 hours…MRI bright and early…already called in the back up 6 am wake up call, courtesy of the best MOM in the whole wide world… luv luv that woman…thankfully I have a ride to the hospital so that is one less worry and stress…#nightall

Asbury Park Press (APP) on Fibromyalgia

Asbury Park Press reports on Fibro and highlights one woman’s struggle here

Asbury Park Press highlights the truth on Fibromyalgia being a condition of the nervous system and the oft misdiagnoses and dismissal that most suffers initially receive from medical professionals. It is a depressing and frustrating conundrum where physicians who do not know much about it evaluate quickly and then prescribed a laundry list of “standard” medications or simply tell patients to lay down, get rest and take a Motrin. Since, blood work samples don’t detect any “problem” the patient is seen as healthy.

This article presented the facts well and the hope and help that medications can provide in managing the symptoms. As discussed by the rheumatologist, these medications are not a one size fit all and the trial and error that ensues can have devastating effects if not prescribed and then monitored meticulously. The problem with presenting medications in such a positive light is that the article fails to show that these medications present other harmful side effects and the patient can enter into a vicious cycle. Also, medications only act as a band-aid to the symptoms never getting to the root of why the patient began to have the effects of the illness to begin with.
These are larger issues I know, and it was not the intent of the article to delve this deep. All together this article presented the facts and challenges in an accurate and meaningful light.