#weekend warrior

this is my first post of the weekend…fortunately, I’ve been too busy out enjoying it for the first time in many months…what did I do to be blessed with four consecutive awesome days!…I don’t know but I am grateful and intend to pay it forward with a few good deeds…the weather has been flawless, my pain has been low and fatigue has taken more of a back seat supporting role as opposed to the lead…I got out, I walked, I caught the suns rays, I baked…visited friends…and it was all just lovely and awesome….the storm has broke, for just a little and we are a midst a gorgeous rainbow…but as I know I have not been “miraculously cured” and I haven’t forgotten that I have a chronic illness…I didn’t walk too close to the side walk and become immodest….I want this good streak to last just a little longer if it can and that means that not too far from the front of my existence is my acceptance of my limitations, pacing myself, and not going to crazy….I hope you too had low pain this weekend…the planets quite literally seem to be aligned..and there is something in the weather because it certainly does not feel like January…. as we go into the second week of 2013 I am happy to have started the year on a high note….I will remember this weekend…have a restful night…and as always # stay triumphant


#ready set bed

Tranquility____Collab___by_freelancahall wrapped up, comforter down, socks out, and this camper is ready to hit the hay…all in all, today has been one of the better days I’ve had in weeks…and for once that’s saying a lot….if you are cold and feeling lonely tonight…mentally take your mind to a happier place in time…adorn yourself with those thoughts and wrap your soul with peace, love and joy…as always #stay triumphant

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#coldest winter ever?

Hidy Ho? Hidee Ho? HI D HO?  Oh, well you get what I trying to say…Hey folks….hoping that everyone is staying toasty on this blustery Saturday…Nashville isn’t so bad…(of course, I haven’t set foot outside in nearly 4 days so what do I know)…I do know that the rest of the country seems to be under the weather….literally, with the snow, wind, power outages, and influenza outbreaks…this wintery season is off to an eventful start and this is just the beginning…. if the last 3 weeks is any indication of how the winter will be then I guess I should brace myself and get ready…

today was an ok day, I have been up and out of bed, the pain detached itself just enough to give me some room to breathe…I’ll take it….the fatigue is not as heavy..no fog for now…again I’ll take what I can get…back to resting now…rest is the order of the day….and on a bad note I think I have a UTI…I‘ll let the initials speak for themselves, as I feel like they alone are TMI...thankfully I see my primary on Monday…we can add antibiotics to my running list of meds…I’m so over DOCTOR visits….but I’ll save that soapbox for another post…typing this one has exhausted me… have a holly jolly evening…until tomorrow…#stay triumphant

#weakened week end

pain is lower today, but still high…fatigue is overbearing…trying to stabilize my system after the terrible “storm surge” that I experienced on Wednesday….not fully certain as to what triggered such a horrible rush of pain, but I hope to never experience that again….continuing to take it easy and rest..for every one step forward I get pushed back 25 steps…psychologically feeling ok, not exactly high on life, but mentally content, trying to exercise a mindful spirit live in the moment, and remember that at the end of the storm comes a rainbow….here’s to a productive Friday for all of you and a pleasant weekend #stay triumphant

On my Ipod: Fly

I came to win, to fight, to conquer to thrive…I came to to win, to survive, to prosper to rise…to FLY...these lyrics really sum up my thoughts and feelings at this very moment… every time I overcome a hurdle…push through the fatigue and fog… for the all times when I take three steps forward then get pushed five steps back…to the doctors who tell me it is all in my bed….when I know better that it’s not…for living in this skin and fighting this monster day after day…for the times when I give in to the pain…but never give up on the fight…for the small accomplishments that seem so insignificant to you… but are small victories for me…for remembering that I’m not a failure until I quit……I will win, I will survive…. I WILL FLY... #get ready for it

Fly by Nicki Minaj

#just what the doctor ordered

Saturday has come to an end…another weekend spent in bed, in pain, in a flareup… …..on the bright side, today was beautiful and I was able to leave the house for 20 minutes…I can count on one hand the number of productive weekends I have had over the last 6 months (less than 5)….I’m grateful for those moments as they keep me built up when my body shuts down like it has been this week….I hope everyone had a purposeful, productive and mindful weekend… if not I hope you had peace and got some rest…sometimes doing absolutely nothing is just what the doctor ordered….often times we dismiss our bodies when it tells us to stop, take a break, and rest….I dismissed mine for years and it is pushing back, telling me to take a break, restore and repair….so, I’ll be grateful for the opportunity I have to stop and rest, it doesn’t always seem ideal, but bed rest is just what my body ordered…good night, stay blessed…and as always #stay triumphant

#suffocating on Saturday

sunny blue skies….knee deep in this flare up….was able to make apple cinnamon oatmeal, make a quick run to the mailbox to mail a package, and to the market. not in that order…fatigue and fog is nearly suffocating back to black I go…mentally in good spirits but the body is not cooperating….sending hugs and wishing you all a Happy Saturday…#off the bed