Brother’s Dying Wish Turns Into Family Business | My Family Business – Yahoo! Finance

Brother’s Dying Wish Turns Into Family Business | My Family Business – Yahoo! Finance.

This story made me think how even in tragedy one can find joy…after death comes birth, rebirth and life, at the end of every storm is rainbow…#if you believe you will achieve

#everything better with sunshine

so the sun reappeared today and boy was I happy…..woke up to heavy fog, daze, and numbing pain…but you know what….I said, thank god the sun is out…that was literally the first words I spoke this morning….to myself of course….no matter how bad I feel, sunshine just makes anything more tolerable, better really….it goes to show how connected to this earth we all are…man was not made to live on bread alone….and with that my appetite was not good today…but on a good note I made it both out of the house and had lunch with a friend and I had a power walk….I hadn’t had the stamnia to power walk since Monday, with this flare being so intense….I rarely get out and socialize with other people since my flares have been more intense and crippling over the past several months.,…I call it an accomplishment to make it to the market… was the perfect weather to go out and I was determined not to let my pain, fatigue and fog damper my spirit…It was nice and so was the walk….I over did it with the walk…I have been meaning to get this prescription for Zoloft filled and I thought well, it’s so nice let me walk to the pharmacy and kill two birds…well that was a mistake…I made it there  and back home but boy was I crying for it….what was thinking? ….oh that’s right I wasn’t thinking…..I can’t tell if the heavy fog I feel is from the Zoloft or my body screaming from the longer than normal power walk….

the verdict is out for this Zoloft, this afternoon was my first go at it….I feel eh, not good but I am not sure if it is my flare or compounded by the med…I do know that it knocks me out cold, within 30 min my lids were so heavy I couldn’t hold myself up…I am still in somewhat of a  daze as I type…. each button click is getting harder and harder…I know that I have to take it at night, I guess it’s good if it makes me this sleepy, one less med to take at night for insomnia, but I still don’t know if I like how it makes me feel, do any of you have any thoughts on this Zoloft? I will decide on Sunday if I want to continue with it or not….I ordered $40 dollars of supplements the other day….my better half tells me to leave this Zoloft alone and go and get some Sammie…maybe I’ll listen to my inner voice….wishing you all peace and love tonight…sleep well #stay triumphant

Family of Rare Disease Baby ‘Grateful’ | ABC News – Yahoo!

Family of Rare Disease Baby ‘Grateful’ | ABC News – Yahoo!.

makes me ever grateful for my blessings and to take nothing for granted..really puts all the madness in the world right now into, family, giving and sharing are the things that truly matter….they can’t be bought from a store on any given day

#nightline nighttime

came too just now after four hour of sleeping marathon.. feeling worse than when I fell asleep… re upped on my pain meds and back to black for me today.. I feel the pain and ache pulsating through my veins and body … I’ll take that as my body saying you pushed me too far even though I tried my hardest not to in the two hours I spent out of the house… oh well as is this new life

#helium article review

Helium article: Tips for Living with Fibromyalgia here
Fairly straight forward yet generic article on “tips’ for living” with Fibro. Nothing noteworthy, all the standard stock info that you can get off Wikipedia. It almost makes it sound too easy to “live with fibro’ just follow these 5 easy steps. Unfortunately, managing these 5 steps is 99% of the struggle and frustration that makes living with this illness so difficult in the first place..and if it was .01% as easy to follow just one of these steps consistently on a regular basis then no one would be in painstaking agony… but the truth of the matter is performing just 1/4 of even one of these easy tips is overwhelmingly difficult and that’s what makes it all suck all the more

Note: Tip #2 on communication is often what makes the depression and isolation increase since no one ever seems to fully understand Fibro unless they have it themselves . Joining a Fibro support group in your local city or online is crucial and cognitive behavior therapy is recommended since the dynamics of friendships, relationships, work and family often change as this illness takes its hold over daily life

Not a PASS or FAIL= OK