Article review: Fibromyalgia Treatments

Fibromyalgia News: Fibromyalgia Treatments: Use and Benefits here

This article leads with a misleading article. The article doesn’t really delve into new or for that matter helpful information on how patients are treating their Fibro. After giving some stats on a study in Australia,the article briefly mentions how exercise and staying physically fir are important ways to manage and cope with Fibro. There is nothing new or interesting about that well known piece of info. This article fails to show understanding on the difficulty that exerting exercise can be for Fibro and chronic pain sufferers. When undergoing long disease flares, where symptoms are at their height, sitting or laying is uncomfortable and painful enough for one to even think about yoga, pilates, or any other exercise whether it is high or low impact.

This does not factor in the emotional and mental fatigue and physical weakness that makes regular exercise nearly impossible for even the most determined. This article failed to live up to its headline and failed to reveal anything especially useful.

Verdict: FAIL


#Fox New Article

Fox News: What you need to know about Fibromyalgia  here

This article posted on Fox News back in June gives a glimpse as to the conundrum of challenges that physicians and researchers face in diagnosing, treating and managing Fibromyalgia. The article gives great facts about the markers and deficiencies that Fibro patients face and the growing challenge they have to get the best and most effective treatments… as the article highlights the complexities of the illness show just how debilitating and depressing it is for sufferers who battle with the effects daily, and the challenge the medical community has in treating it and find co-existing conditions that may or many not serve as a root cause. It seems that the ongoing debate is whether or not Fibro is an inflammatory disease or not. Coming to a general consensus where that is concerned with improve diagnostic and treatment protocol.. The saga continues

Verdict: PASS

#helium article review

Helium article: Tips for Living with Fibromyalgia here
Fairly straight forward yet generic article on “tips’ for living” with Fibro. Nothing noteworthy, all the standard stock info that you can get off Wikipedia. It almost makes it sound too easy to “live with fibro’ just follow these 5 easy steps. Unfortunately, managing these 5 steps is 99% of the struggle and frustration that makes living with this illness so difficult in the first place..and if it was .01% as easy to follow just one of these steps consistently on a regular basis then no one would be in painstaking agony… but the truth of the matter is performing just 1/4 of even one of these easy tips is overwhelmingly difficult and that’s what makes it all suck all the more

Note: Tip #2 on communication is often what makes the depression and isolation increase since no one ever seems to fully understand Fibro unless they have it themselves . Joining a Fibro support group in your local city or online is crucial and cognitive behavior therapy is recommended since the dynamics of friendships, relationships, work and family often change as this illness takes its hold over daily life

Not a PASS or FAIL= OK


Asbury Park Press (APP) on Fibromyalgia

Asbury Park Press reports on Fibro and highlights one woman’s struggle here

Asbury Park Press highlights the truth on Fibromyalgia being a condition of the nervous system and the oft misdiagnoses and dismissal that most suffers initially receive from medical professionals. It is a depressing and frustrating conundrum where physicians who do not know much about it evaluate quickly and then prescribed a laundry list of “standard” medications or simply tell patients to lay down, get rest and take a Motrin. Since, blood work samples don’t detect any “problem” the patient is seen as healthy.

This article presented the facts well and the hope and help that medications can provide in managing the symptoms. As discussed by the rheumatologist, these medications are not a one size fit all and the trial and error that ensues can have devastating effects if not prescribed and then monitored meticulously. The problem with presenting medications in such a positive light is that the article fails to show that these medications present other harmful side effects and the patient can enter into a vicious cycle. Also, medications only act as a band-aid to the symptoms never getting to the root of why the patient began to have the effects of the illness to begin with.
These are larger issues I know, and it was not the intent of the article to delve this deep. All together this article presented the facts and challenges in an accurate and meaningful light.