#fatigue on monday

this monster had me down for the better part of today..I literally slept all day as if it was a 9-5 job… no worries though, I awakened from my slumber and was able to climb out from under the weight and put in a mean power walk…the cold crisp air was invigorating as I pushed through the wall, taking one fast step after the next, chasing pavement and thinking of all the dreams that I have realized…one thing is for sure… this monster has not taken my drive and determination…I am truly a survivor and at times¬† it may keep me down but I never count myself out…I walked further today than I have… I am trying to balance taking it slow with pushing myself just a little bit further…this disease that has taken camp inside my body is ever insidious and spiteful and it oft rears its ugly head when I least expect it to..but I am much smarter than I used to be…I know the game and I realize its path and I am always on the defense ready to attack…my goal is that I will run at the end of this week….I see myself running cutting through the wind like a cheetah… slow at first but running is my saving grace it is my freedom…I feel at one with the earth when I am running.. the thrill…the exhilaration…the blood pumping through my veins is like nothing else… I hope each of you continues to fight this battle and never give up…my book is closer to being realized…this book is for us..for each one suffering through a chronic illness…this book is our hopes and dreams and like everything else I have done,¬† this book will be realized…thanks to each of you for all your support… please support me if you can…even $1 counts.. have a great night and as always #stay triumphant…this one is is you