#helium article review

Helium article: Tips for Living with Fibromyalgia here
Fairly straight forward yet generic article on “tips’ for living” with Fibro. Nothing noteworthy, all the standard stock info that you can get off Wikipedia. It almost makes it sound too easy to “live with fibro’ just follow these 5 easy steps. Unfortunately, managing these 5 steps is 99% of the struggle and frustration that makes living with this illness so difficult in the first place..and if it was .01% as easy to follow just one of these steps consistently on a regular basis then no one would be in painstaking agony… but the truth of the matter is performing just 1/4 of even one of these easy tips is overwhelmingly difficult and that’s what makes it all suck all the more

Note: Tip #2 on communication is often what makes the depression and isolation increase since no one ever seems to fully understand Fibro unless they have it themselves . Joining a Fibro support group in your local city or online is crucial and cognitive behavior therapy is recommended since the dynamics of friendships, relationships, work and family often change as this illness takes its hold over daily life

Not a PASS or FAIL= OK